Ning Pan 教授
Prof., University of California, Davis, California 95616
Tel : (530) 752-6232 Email :
Professor of Fiber & Polymer Science Division of Textiles and Clothing

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Textile Scientist in the Agricultural Experimental Station

Materials Science Group Nanomaterials in the Environment, Agriculture, and Technology (NEAT)

University of California

Davis, California 95616

Guest Professor

Institute of Fibrous Soft matter Physics

Donghua University

Shanghai, China, 200051

Phone (530) 752-6232

Fax (530) 752-7584



Synthesis of carbon nanotubes, Nanostructured supercapacitors and soft battery for smart clothing;

Biodynamic equilibrium of thermo-humidity in human-cloth microclimate;

Biomechanics of interactions between body and cloth during intensive movement;

Posture steadiness and locomotion stability during human and floor interactions;

Transport properties of fibrous materials;

Mathematics, Physics and computer modeling of fibrous materials;

Mechanical & physical properties of polymer materials;

Mechanics of fibrous materials and composites;

Performance evaluation of fibrous materials.


Educational Institution                       Degree            Date        Major & Field

Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Postdoctoral Associate   1990       Fibers & Polymers USA                                                                    Materials Science

San Francisco State University          Visiting Scholar           1988       Computer Science    USA

Dong Hua University, Shanghai          Ph.D.                   1985        Textile Materials   CHINA

Dong Hua University, Shanghai          M.S.                    1981        Textile Engineering  CHINA

N. W. Institute of Textile Engineering, Xian B.S.                    1975        Textile Engineering CHINA


07/1999 – present Professor of Fiber & Polymer Science, UC Davis, California, USA

07/1994 – 06/1999 Associate Professor of Fiber & Polymer Science, UC Davis, California, USA

07/1990 – 06/1994 Assistant Professor of Fiber & Polymer Science, UC Davis, California, USA

09/1989 - 12/1989 Lecturer , Dept. Consumer & Family Studies, San Francisco State University

04/1987 - 04/1988 Visiting Scientist, Wool Research Organization of New Zealand, Christchurch, NZ

09/1985 - 03/1987 Assistant Professor of Textile Engineering, Dong Hua University, Shanghai, CHINA

02/1982 - 03/1983 Engineer, Research Project Manager, State Ministry of Textile Industry, Beijing, CHINA

09/1975 - 08/1978 Technical Manager, No. 1 Wool Products Manufacturer, Xining, CHINA

09/1970 - 03/1972 Electrician, No. 1 Wool Products Manufacturer, Xining, CHINA


? Textile Institute (U.K.), Fellow since 1995

? American Academy of Mechanics

? American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fellow since 2004

? American Association for the Advancement of Science

? Fiber Society

Journal Editorial Boards and Officer of Professional Society

? Editorial Board Member, Journal of Clothing And Textile Research 09/1999-08/2002

? Editorial Board Member, Textile Research Journal 01/2004 -

? President, The Fiber Society 2001 – 2002

? Vice President, The Fiber Society 2000 – 2001

? The Governing Council Member, The Fiber Society 1998 - 1999


2004 Awarded the Fellow status by the America Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

2004 Chair of the Textile Engineering Division, ASME

2004 Organizer of the Textile Engineering Division sessions, ASME 2004 IMECE in Anaheim, CA, Nov. 13-19.

2002 - Invited to visit and lecture at two universities in China funded by an earmarked grant named Prominent Scholars Seminar Grant from the China Education Ministry.

2002 - Awarded Guest Professor by two prominent universities in Shanghai, China, Donghua University and East China Polytechnic University.

2002 - Invited by the Dept. Applied Mechanics, Chalmers University in Sweden to act as the External Reviewer and Opponent for an exiting dissertation defense of a PhD student.

2001 - Co-Organizer, the 2001 Fiber Society Fall Conference in Lake Tahoe, NE, Oct 31 – Nov 2.

2000 - Elected the President of the Fiber Society.

1999 - Elected the vice President of the Fiber Society.

1998 - Selected as one of the keynote speakers for a major international conference with the theme “100 Years of Modern Fiber Science” held in the US.

1997 - Selected as the Fiber Society Distinguished Lecturer for 1997-1998.3

1997 - Invited as a visiting scientist by the University of New South Wales in Australia for 2 months supported by a grant from the Australia Research Council.

1996 - Invited and hosted by the Textile Research Symposium in Japan to present a seminar at Kyoto University entitled “Textile Research at Universities in USA”.

1995 - Awarded the Fellow status by the Textile Institute, the major worldwide textile professional society Headquartered in England.

1994 - Invited to give an oral presentation at the Gordon Research Conference on Fiber Science.

1994 - Invited by the Technical University of Liberec in Czech Republic as a visiting scientist for 2 months sponsored with a special grant established by the Education Ministry of Czech Republic to invite from Western countries the recognized scientists.


1. Method and Apparatus for Fabric Hand Evaluation, Ning Pan, USPTO 60/592159, the instrument

has been commercialized.

2. High Power Supercapacitors from Carbon Nanotubes, Ning Pan and Chunsheng Du, patent pending.

Book and Book Chapters

1. Thermal and Moisture Transport in Fibrous Material, Edited by Ning Pan and Phil Gibson, Woodhead

Publishing Ltd., Cambridge, UK, in press.

2. Chunsheng Du and Ning Pan, Carbon nanotubes for the electrochemical storage of energy, in 'Progress in Nanotechnology Research', Nova Science Publishers, Inc., in press

3. 2006 Ning Pan and Wen Zhong, Fluid transport phenomena in fibrous materials, Textile Progress, Woodhead Publishing Ltd., Cambridge, UK.

4. 2005 Physics of Fibrous Soft Matters, Ning Pan, Higher Education Publishing, Inc., Beijing.

Further information is available from Secretariat, Donghua University

Shanghai, 201620, P.R.China




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