Pertti Nousiainen 教授
Prof., Director of Institute Timpurinkatu 233720 Tampere Finland
Tel : 358-03-3171130 Email :
Name:       Nousiainen, Touko, Pertti , b. 24 May 1947, Tervo, Finland. 

Education:  BSc University of Jyvaskyla, chemistry          1972

Msc in organic chemistry             1974

Lic.Phil. in organic chemistry          1979

Doctor of Science in organic and polymer chemistry       1988


Chemical industry trainee, Kemira Ltd (Typpi Ltd)     1970-1972

Research and education assistant University of Oulu       1972-1974

R&D ass. and chemist dep., Univ.Hospital of Oulu     1974-1975

Research scientist, Technical Research Centre of Finland

               Textile Laboratory, Helsinki and Tampere        1975-1983

              -division and projects manager         1983-1986

              Tampere University of Technology, Textile Dept. Deputy professor   1983

              Kemira Fibres S?teri Ltd, viscose fibres, Valkeakoski      

-     senior scientist, division managerR&D           1987-1988

-     director, member of the board, Kemira Fibres S?teri Ltd 1988-1992

-     member Kemira Group R&D board         1989-1992

             Professor, Tampere University of Technology     1992-   Director of Institute, Institute of

             Fiber Materials Science     1993-

             Vice Dean, Depatment of Materials Engineering      2001-

             Chairman, Autex, Association of Universities for Textiles       1997-2001

             Chairman, Finnish National Board of Defence,Textiles/Clothing Division    2001-

             R&D Director, Finnesd Ltd               2003-

             Chairman, president, Biomeeri Ltd          2002-


               Fiber Science and Technology, international              65

Textile Chemistry, international, national            42

Fiber Industry, general                18

Textile and Clothing Industry, general            15

Media interwievs, Fiber Science        13

Others               6

     Subtotal                159

Patents                        20

Plenary presentations:Fiber Science and Technology       31

Textile Chemistry                     19

Textile Industry, general                       19

Fiber Industry, general, others          4

       Subtotal              73

          Grand total     252

Current main research activities:

Cellulose fibers, Specialty polypropylene fibers

Cellulose derivatives

Silica fibers

Conductive fibers

Textile and surface chemistry

Polylactic fibers and medical applications

Fibrous tissue engineering structures

Fiber modifications,

Textile enzymatic processing

Present main research projects:   

               Biotechnological process for manufacturing cellulosic products

               Biocelsol (EU FP6) 2004-2007

              New Cellulose Derivatives from Wood for High Value Products. Newcell –

(Finnish-Swedish) 2003-2007

               Intelligent Biomaterial Systems for Cardiovascular Tissue Repair (EU FP6) 2005-2008   


The Textile Institute (Council), N.Y.Acad.Sci., Am.Chem.Soc., The Textile Inst. Council, Finnish Chem.Soc., Association of Universities for Textiles, Finnish Association of Textile Technologists (STTL), The Biomaterials Society of Finland

Leisure and Other activities: 

               Classical music, Housing, Literature, Skiing, Boating, Quitar playing, Rotary Int. Club

Further information is available from Secretariat, Donghua University

Shanghai, 201620, P.R.China




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