Lubos Hes 教授
Professor & Head, Dept. Textile Evaluation, College of Textiles
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Year:   Degree:         Institution:                    Field of study:

1999   Full Prof.        Techn. Univ. Liberec, Czech Rep.  Text. Science & Technol.

1995   Assoc. Prof. hab.  Univ. of MINHO, Portugal         Clothing Physiology             

1994   Assoc. Prof. hab.  Technical University, Liberec      Thermal Comfort of Fabrics

1993   D.Sc.           Technical University, Liberec      Measurements on Textiles          

1984   Assoc. Prof .     Technical University, Liberec      Textile Technology

1977   Ph.D.           Techn. Univ. Brno, Czech Rep.     Thermal Proc. of yarns                                                            

1968   M.Sc.           Technical University, Liberec      Design of Text. Machines

Professional career:

2000 - 2005 TU Liberec  Head Dept. of Textile Evaluation, Faculty of textiles

1992-1999       Invited Assoc. Prof. of the Department of Textile Engineering

Univ. do Minho   Tuition: Winding, Texturing, Nonwovens. Clothing Comfort, Supervision:  

Portugal         MSc and PhD thesis. Comfort measuring instruments design

1990 (3 months)  United Nations expert on mission in India. Chief Technical Advisor for

UNDP Delhi      modernisation of Indian textile machinery and technology             

1984-1990       Head of the Department of Non-woven textiles. Tuition: Technology of

TU Liberec       Nonwovens, Texturing and Thermal Processing of Textiles    

1980-1984       Project Leader (Yarn texturing machines) till 1980. Assoc. Head of Dept. for

Res. Inst. Text.    Finishing Technologies. Design of instruments for the measurement of yarn

Mach. Liberec    and fabric temperature.

Membership in professional societies and editorial boards:

Fiber Society, Princeton, USA (since 1989). Textile Institute Manchester (Hon. Secretary of Czech group).

IMEKO (International Soc. for Technical Measurements), Prague, Member of National Committee.

Editorial boards: TEXTILIA textile professional journal (Brasil), Journal of Natural Fibres (USA), 

Reserach Journal of Textiles and Clothing (Hong Kong), Fibres and Textiles (Slovakia). 

Research and development activities:

Patents granted: 51, incl. 7 patents in Western Europe and Japan, 2 pat. USA, 4 licences of know how sold.

New devices applied in Textile Industry: 2 kinds of yarn texturing machines, 2 kinds of fabric thermal treat-

ment machines, 8 different measuring instruments, together about 90 pieces in Europe, USA, Asia and Brasil

Invited to lecture in professional courses: India IIT (1990), Taiwan TTRI (1997 - 2004, 1 month/year),

Canada St. Hyacinthe (1999), Hong Kong PolyU (2000, 2 months), Dresden TU, ITB (2001 - 2005, 2 months/year).

Languages: Czech, English, German, Portugues, Russian (active knowledge), Spanish (passive knowledge)                                   

Publications (altogether about 240):

Books: 4 – Yarn Texturing Machines, Prague 1990 (in Czech), Yarn Texturing Technol. EUROTEX 1994 (in

English), Thermal Comfort of Garments Made of Textured Yarns, China Text. Inst., Taipei 1998 (in Chinese),

Fundaments of Clothing Comfort, CTI Taipei 2000 (in Chinese), Clothing Comfort, TU Liberec 2005 (in Czech).

Theses, UNIDO reports: 7, papers on large International Conferences: 84, papers in Czech language: 91 

Papers in International Journals: 45, selected papers published in refereed internat journals as follows: 

Tzanov T., Hes, L. et al: Quality Control of Silicone Softener Application. Text. Res. J. 68, 1998, p. 749-755

Hes, L., Fatima, M., Cavaco-Paulo, A.: The Effect of Selected Mechanical Properties on the Level of Puckering of Cotton fabrics after Washing. Int. J. of Clothing Sci. and Technol., 9, 1997, No.3, p. 188-192

Hes, L., Hejzlarová, H.: Thermal-contact properties of PES/Wool woven fabrics under simulated wear. Textile Asia 27, 1996, No.11, p. 53-56

Hes, L., De Araújo, M., Storová, R.: Thermal-Comfort Properties of Socks Containing PP Filaments. Textile Asia 27, 1996, No. 12, p. 57-59

Hes, L., De Araújo, M., Djulay, V.: The Effect of Mutual Bonding of Textile Layers on Thermal – Insulation and Thermal – contact Properties of Fabric Assemblies, Textile Res. Journal 66 , 1996, p. 245-250

Further information is available from Secretariat, Donghua University

Shanghai, 201620, P.R.China




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